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Student name Professor name Course name 12/03/2012 NIKE STOCK ANALYSIS Executive Summary Nike is a multinational corporation (MNC). It has a variety of products that reach the market. Among the traded goods at the unit includes footwear, clothing and sportswear.


A good management position concerning the main product lines will yield positive results (McIntosh, 119) An evaluation procedure of the company requires scrutiny with possible employment of various strategies involved in a normal business environment. A SWOT analysis helps the company identify various parameters for strengths and weaknesses in a business scenario. Diversification procedure requires an established in the most viable way. This will make sure that the risk attribute is no longer a problem in any undertakings. Company Review The analysis of the company and its business depicts a variety of shoes products that displays at the company’s platform. Footwear and other athletic products and accessories make up a large part of the company’s priority areas. Other key products line includes the athletic apparel, sporting equipments, athletic shoes and other internationally recognized sports gear. The strategic analysis of Nike revolves around the strong point derived by the quality products offered by the company. In the footwear products and the apparel, a lot of innovation encompasses such moves and the final products of such innovation are a high quality tailor product that engages the user. The marketing inclination of Nike products reaches a substantial market segment. ...
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