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Conclusion on Private Equity Name: Instructor: Institution: In the last few years, the industry and market for the private equity has grown sharply until it is nearly becoming a particularly strong market for innovations and enterprises. The money markets have been boosted by the private equity market in to becoming a market that is dealing with multi million pounds with several financial institutions joining the industry to make money.


After the buyouts, the private equity firms are able to manage the companies in to making profits, after which they are sold to other investors. The private equity firms do a financial refurbishment of the companies facing a crisis. The Private equity firms also rebuilt the financial structures so that the companies get the ability of becoming productive financially. The major aim of the private equity firms is to make substantial returns to investors and to make their profits from the capsizing companies (Cendrowski, 2011 p89). The Blackstone Group is firm that deals with private equity it is based in America in the New York state. The investment company has got interests in vital businesses across the world. Blackstone is one of the largest firms that deal in a leveraged buyout transactions. They also have an interest to the real estate sector more so the commercial real estate business. The company is able to buyout a failing company, restructure the management of the company, put in a few investors and then they are able to turn around the financial status of the company in remarkably little time. ...
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