Assess the Value of Formal Investment Appraisal Techniques

Assess the Value of Formal Investment Appraisal Techniques Essay example
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Assess the value of formal investment appraisal techniques Introduction This essay looks at the overall topic of assessing the value of formal investment appraisal techniques. To do this effectively, three major articles have been selected by the writer. These articles or sources are going to be critiqued into detail to find out the views and conclusions of the writers on formal investment, formal investment appraisal techniques and the values of formal investment appraisal.


The central themes of all three writers under review have therefore been to look into how best practices in formal investment start up have been adhered to; particularly with the cases of acquisition of venture capital. Below, there is a detailed discussion of the three themes of the essay as presented from the perspectives of the three writers. Formal Investment Appraisal as Part of a Businesss Plan (Ashmalla et al.) Ashamalla, Orife and Abel (2008) who pointed to venture capital as a formal investment type in today’s contemporary world, they point to the designing of business plans as the most viable formal investment appraisal to use to secure venture capital and also assess the progress of the ventures that come out of the venture capital investment. Ashamalla, Orife and Abel (2008 p. 385) take the meaning of formal investment from the perspective of venture capital. The writers therefore undertake exclusive research on how business owners perceive venture capital and how they go about the subject. The writers explain that venture capital is an aspect of formal investment whereby business owners and investors seek for source of funding to start up their businesses and ventures. ...
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