Ready To Eat:Accounting Information System

Ready To Eat:Accounting Information System  Essay example
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Rebecca Smith is the owner of a small business named “Ready To Eat”.RTE is primarily engaged in the business of preparing and distributing packaged meals for its customers Its customers include the local residents and the visiting tourists of the place


The business is open on all days except for public holidays. Recently, there has been a sudden upsurge in the demand of its products and RTE is facing difficulties to cater to the huge demand. Moreover, lately there has been a new competitor of RTE who is taking away many of its customers. RTE is mainly facing problem in its management which is solely looked after by the owner herself. Hence, Rebecca is thinking of introducing new information systems into its business processes to increase the operational efficiency of RTE. The various impacts of the introduction of information systems have been critically assessed in this study. It has been found that it would be very much helpful for RTE if it implements its decision of introducing the new information systems. It would boost its performance and increase its operational efficiency as well. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Discussion 4 Information Systems 4 Introduction of Information Systems in RTE 4 Porter’s Competitive Forces Model 5 Information Requirements of RTE 5 Use of Computer Networks and Internet 6 Management Challenges affecting Organizational Change 6 Introduction of Information Systems – Security and Ethical Issues 6 Conclusion 6 Works Cited 7 Introduction “Ready To Eat” (RTE) is a locally operated small business firm owned by Rebecca Smith. ...
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