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Corporate Accounting Name Professor’s name Course Date Part A Holding companies in preparing their consolidated financial statements have to incorporate the performance of the subsidiaries and other investments as required by the acceptable accounting standards.


There are instances in which the subsidiary and the holding company prepare their financial statements using conflicting policies and principles. In these cases, the parent company has the responsibility of making the necessary adjustments in order to have the subsidiary statements restated to become uniform to that of the holding company. This has to be done before the line-by-line consolidation of summing the respective asset and liabilities are done to arrive at the consolidated figure (Deegan, 2010). A breach of this accounting requirement will mean that the financial statements are inconsistent with the set principles, hence making them unreliable and untrue. Consolidation of inventory will be used to show how the adjustments should be done. AASB 102 demands that inventory be measured using the lower of cost and net realizable value to ensure that the financial statements are not over or under valued. The cost here includes the purchase price, import costs and any cost incurred to bring the stock to its current state. Inventory should also be tested for impairment in order to avoid possible overstatement in the financial statement. In case the subsidiary accounts for stock by violating this requirement, the holding company will have to do the necessary adjustment to ensure that the value posted in the financial statements are uniform. ...
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