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Stock Analysis Name Institution Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Technical Analysis 3 The Fundamental Evaluation approach 4 Market Breadth 6 Stocks’ Relative Strengths 7 Discussion 7 References 9 Appendix 10 Introduction Various approaches are useful in scrutinizing securities in order to aid someone in making decisions concerning different investment directions and actions (Timo, 2009).


On the other side, the technical scrutiny approach involves the analysis of a company’s stock price fluctuations only (Timo, 2009). Thesis statement: this paper seeks to analyze the stock price fluctuations of a given venture in the previous sixty months in order to find out its actual stock trend from accumulated data. In addition, it will conclude the venture’s market breadth for the last year, its 200-day moving average for its stock, index, and all trends of its stock. This will be in pursuit of determining its relative strength for the last sixty months, and thus advise on the right move to make regarding the selling or the buying of its stock. Technical Analysis The technical evaluation approach comprises of the prospecting of the future fiscal price fluctuations of a business. This approach bases on a comprehensive study of its previous price motions (Timo, 2009). This approach does not conclude its results as accurate and precise future prospects. Its main purpose is to aid potential investors in foreseeing the latent effects and directions of the venture’s stock prices as time passes. This method exploits the use of a broad range of charts that exhibit price movements for a certain period. ...
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