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Name Professor’s name Course Date Profit making businesses have to manage their production costs in order to maximize profits and the wealth of their shareholders. Manufacturing firms therefore have to determine the costs of their products and reduce the cost elements using different costing methods.


With the use of the budgets, businesses will produce different management reports to the various stakeholders. The reports will be important in the evaluation of the business performance and act as a motivation to the employees. Product cost can be defined a s the total costs that is incurred in the manufacturing of goods or the provision of servicers. Various cost elements are involved in the process of producing a product. These include material cost, labor costs, overhead costs, and other expenses (Polimeni, 2000). The sum of these costs constitutes product costs. Material costs are labor costs are direct cost that are associated with the goods and are easy to determine when determining the cost of products (Epstein & Lee, 2001). Material costs can be determined from the purchase receipts that are made. Labor expenses are also determined from the salaries and other allowances that are paid to the workers and other experts that are involved in the production of goods and services. The last component of product costs that includes the overhead expenditure poses a challenge to cost accountants on how to incorporate them in the product costs (Horngren, 2009). There are different cost accounting methods that can be used to allocate these costs to the products to determine the total costs of the products. Product costs are necessary for decision-making and for external purposes. ...
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