Corporate Acquisition: HP acquired 3PAR Inc.

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CORPORATE ACQUISITION: THE CASE OF HP AND 3PAR Name Course Instructor Institution Date Introduction Corporate strategies include acquisition of companies or businesses in order to achieve competitive advantage within the market and thus achieve an increase in the market share.


The 3PAR acquisition was desirable and convincing to the shareholders of the bidders due to the timely acquisition of storage utilities and thus ability to meet the market demand and the needs of the customers. This research paper gives a critical analysis and discussion of the bidding process, the actual bids and the factors which enabled the bidders to convince their shareholders to support the high bids which were laid for 3PAR. Moreover, the advantages and disadvantage of the acquisition are explained within the paper. Company Background HP HP or Hewlett-Packard Company is a US multinational company with its headquarters in California. HP is an information technology company which provides its international customers with innovative technologies and software applications in addition to computer and system solutions for various businesses and organizations regardless of their scale of operation or size.1 The company’s products and services have achieved an increasing market share within government agencies, the health sector, and private and public business organizations. In addition to software and application packages, the company manufacturers hardware for data storage and networking.2 Computer accessories such as scanners and printers are among the hardware that the company provides to its customers. ...
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