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Profit oriented businesses have a major task of production cost management for them to realize a maximization in their profitability and shareholders wealth. Therefore, cost determination is of fundamental in manufacturing firms and they need to employ various costing methods in order to reduce the costs.


Cost accounting method of accounting is employed in this to achieve the aims. In doing this planning as a measure of review is established, in this case budgets will always be developed to show the stakeholder the progress level reached. The reports produced and provided will be of utmost importance in that they are employed in the evaluation of the performance of the business in place and as well to motivate the workers. Total production costs in any industry are the total cost incurred in both manufacturing and service provision. In the production process, various cost elements are normally involved: - These are material, labor and overhead costs including other relevant expenses (Polimeni, 2000). When all these costs are summed up, we arrive at the production cost of a product. The determination of material and labor cost is easy and quite simple since such costs are direct. While material costs are read directly from the receipts, labor costs are determined from the payroll sheets of the employees (Davis, 2005). The payroll indicates both the salaries and the expenses of the company employees in all the ranks. ...
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