Renewable Energy Project Financial Plan

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Renewable Energy Project Financial Plan Name Institution Renewable Energy Project Financial Plan Introduction Duke Energy Kentucky refers to Kentucky firm introduced in 1901, and it deals with electric and gas public utility organization, which offers services in northern Kentucky.


Duke Energy alongside the plan will be depended on a current purchase by Duke Energy (DUK) within the solar energy. The goal is to debate on the project’s decision and cost evaluation process. This plan will entail project cost of capital, cash flows, cash flow statement, approximation of capital in every hazard classification, risk class of assets, exhaustive financial features of the enterprise, as well as the validation debate of whether the project must be undertaken. Black Mountain Solar Project Duke Energy currently bought an Arizona solar farm investment from Solon Corporation. The Black Mountain Solar Project is a 10-Megawatt (MW) 40,000 solar panel renewable energy farm located in Mohave County, Arizona. Project Cash Flow The ensuing spreadsheet indicates the cash flows, net present value (NPV), as well as the internal rate of return (IRR) for the Solar Farm Project that Duke Energy is interested in purchasing. Calculations for the Project Cash Flow Period Cash Flows NPV $35,366.48 Dec-08 453,000.00 Dec-09 556,000.00 Dec-10 128,000.00 Dec-11 440,000.00 Dec-12 550,000.00 Dec-13 740,000.00 NPV at 15% rate for a period of five years is $ 35,366.48 Cost of Project Capital The phrase cost of project capital is usually misunderstood. ...
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