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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction Solyndra solar is private renewable energy companies that deal with offering solar energy solutions for profitable and housing sectors. The company produces copper indium gallium diselenide that are patented under effective photovoltaic technology.


Meanwhile, the program intends to create over 60,000 jobs for the citizens and remains the significant source of jobs for thousands of people. Despite the current bankruptcy, the program is facing, the administration claims that its investment portfolio is still effective and productive. Meanwhile, the Solyndra issues post criticism about the suitability of government in the process of funding technologies and programs. Thus, the paper will evaluate the bankruptcy issues, bailout and analysis of the Solyndra Solar in order to establish its performance in the market. Solyndra Solar Bailout The research indicates that the Solyndra has used a lot of billion dollars ineffectively due to the poor management and $535 million are direct bailout from the United State taxpayers (Cappiello, 2011). The program was handed $535 million dollars as a federal loan guarantee despite its unstable financial footing. Solyndra has applied for the federal trade regulation support in order to assist foot the bill for the 1,100 employees that it laid off as a result of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the administration program is supposed to use $1.5 billion to bailout the retraining for employees who had lost their jobs due to the foreign trade like competition from the cheap panels from china. ...
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