Report about Procter and Gamble Case ( Information Technology)

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Report about Procter and Gamble Case (Information Technology) Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Overview of Essential Case Facts 3 Identification of Major Issues/Dilemmas 4 Positives and Negatives of Two Alternative Paths of Action 5 Recommendations 6 Three Essential Concepts of the Case 7 Works Cited 8 Overview of Essential Case Facts Procter & Gamble (P&G) is recognized as one of the renowned American Multinational Organizations (MNCs), and a leader in producing large array of consumer products.


For this reason, it endeavoured to automate the practices of distribution system involving information technology with the expectation to reduce inefficiencies in the process and to improve its brand image in the market (Clark, 1995). Therefore, the management of P&G aimed to increase the total sales of its products both in small retail outlets and in supermarket chains which was attained by the company with the introduction of the system of Continuous Replenishment (CRP), resulting in alternation within the practices of the distribution system. This further helped in enhancing the availability of P&G’s diverse range of products which in turn assisted the organization in monitoring the amplification of the customer value and loyalty (Clark, 1995). In addition, through CRP the organization also introduced another significant system named Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in its operational process, which eased the difficulties faced by the distributors and retailers while ordering the requisite products to P&G. ...
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