Keda's SAP Implemetiation Case Report

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Keda's SAP Implementation Case Report Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Overview of Essential Case Facts 3 Identification of Major Issues/Dilemmas 4 Positives and Negatives of Two Alternative Paths of Action 4 Recommendations 5 Essential Concepts 6 Works Cited 7 Overview of Essential Case Facts Keda Industrial Company Ltd (Keda) is a renowned Chinese organisation in the segment of ceramic machinery manufacturers.


In order to accomplish this desired leading position, the management of Keda made an attempt to implement SAP ERP software package to restructure its production, logistic and inventory operations along with sales. This resulted in the augmentation of its brand image and dominance over other apparent players (Richard Ivey School of Business, “Keda’s SAP Implementation”). Moreover, it also positioned itself as one of the top national machinery producers and a leader in the building-material machinery firm, with revenue of 1,425 million CNY in the year 2009 (Richard Ivey School of Business, “Keda’s SAP Implementation”). Thus, to maintain its supremacy, Keda desired to implement computerisation in its operational process in order to enhance its operational competencies across diverse product-lines (Scribd, “Ceramic Industry”). Identification of Major Issues/Dilemmas Keda is a branded organisation in the sector of ceramic machinery manufacturing, operating with the desire to offer value added products at an efficient cost. The underlining aim of Keda is to augment its status and profit margin among other competing firms of this sector. ...
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