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Dissertation example - How Mergers And Acquisitions Affect Shareholders' Wealth in Short Term: the European Market

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Finance & Accounting
Pages 60 (15060 words)
Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1. Overview of the research study 4 1.2. Rationale of the research study 6 1.3. Significance of the research study 6 1.4. Problem Statement 7 1.5. Objectives of Research Study 7 1.6. Hypothesis 7 1.7. Research Methodology: 8 1.0.Literature Review: 9 2.1…

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Market reaction towards merger or acquisition announcement: 13 2.8. Determinants of share price: 13 2.9. Motives behind takeovers: 14 2.10. Intricacies of Mergers and Acquisitions: 15 2.11. Merger and Acquisitions Waves: 16 2.12. Trend of Mergers and Acquisition in Europe in 1990s: 16 2.13 Empirical Evidence of Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Shareholders’ Wealth: 18 2.14 Steps to follow while undertaking a Merger and Acquisition Strategy: 23 3. Research Overview and Methodology 25 3.1 Introduction: 25 3.2 Research Overview: 25 3.3 Problem Statement: 29 3.4 Research Objectives and Questions: 29 3.5 Research Purpose: 30 3.6 Research Approach: 30 3.7 Research Strategy: 31 3.8 Research Method and Data Collection: 32 3.9 Variables under Investigation: 33 3.9.1 Dependent Variable: 33 3.9.2 Independent Variable: 33 3.10 Conceptual Framework: 34 3.11 Hypothesis: 34 3.12 Ethical Issues and Considerations: 34 3.13 Limitations: 35 3.14 Summary: 35 4. Analysis and Findings 36 4.1 Introduction: 36 4.2 Case Study Analysis: 36 4.2.1 Case Study of Apollo Global Management and CVC Capital Partners acquisition of Brit Insurance: 36 4.2.2 Case Study of Kraft’s acquisition of Cadbury: 37 4.2.3 Case Study of URS Corporation’s acquisition of Scott Wilson Group: 39 4.2.4 Case Study of Vodafone’s acquisition of Mannesmann AG: 41 4.2.5 Case Study of SAB Miller Plc. ...
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