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Mitalio Software (Case Study Report) Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Overview of Essential Case Facts 3 Identification of Major Issues/Dilemmas 4 Positives and Negatives of Two Alternative Paths of Action 5 Recommendations 6 Essential Concepts 6 References 8 8 8 Overview of Essential Case Facts Mitalio Software Inc is a reputed organization of California operating in the technology sector aiming to render services related to the ‘enterprise business software’.


Moreover, Mitalio also endeavors to offer varied types of inventive software packages in order to enhance the perceived dependency and consistency level of its customers among other competing firms in the market. In order to attain the desired leading position in the international technology industry, the higher authority of Mitalio had decided to offer ERP software packages along with BPM software facilities to enhance its corporate image and identity through innovation in the increasingly competitive industry structure. It was expected by the company officials that this particular strategy would facilitate Mitalio to enhance its total sales along with profitability in the long-run by rewarding its competitive benefits in the short-run processes (Zerio & Nair, 2007). Moreover, to position itself as a market leader in the sector of business software services, the management of Mitalio and its sales team decided to offer more attention over advertisement and promotional activities. ...
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