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Research Paper example - Jeff Bezos,

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Jeff Bezos,  Research Paper example
Research Paper
Finance & Accounting
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Jeff Bezos, [Name] [Date] Abstract Amazon was established Jeff Bezos in 1994. Initially, this company was a cyber-bookstore, but nowadays the company became a network of merchant sites. Amazon provided its customer with e-commerce software. Nowadays, there are many partners of Amazon and communication and technologies of Amazon have increased the limits of profits…

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Key words: e-commerce, e-books, customers, online business world. Introduction There are a lot of opportunities in the modern business world. The global society blurs different limits and it is very interesting for the modern businessmen, managers and leaders to function in this challenging modern context. Internet is a perfect medium for the modern transactions and it can be a new and a fascinating horizon for implementation of the innovative ideas of talented leaders. Jeff Bezos has gone through thick and thin before he became a successful businessman and a leader. Furthermore, his leadership lesson and management practices are taken into account by the contemporaries as the examples to be followed by the modern businessmen. First challenge In the middle of 2000, Lehman Brothers predicted that Amazon Company is unable to succeed. Bezos had to struggle against negative predictions, in accordance with which his Company should have bankrupted in 2001. Amazon for Bezos is a creative field for realization of his great talent of a businessman, manager and a strong leader. Angel financing was a potential chance for Amazon in 90s. There was a great intimidating factor, which could have prevented the Company from the existence. ...
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