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Jeff Bezos,

The research paper "Jeff Bezos," talks about the path of Jeff Bezos who has established the Amazon in 1994, and what great decisions brought this company to the current success. Jeff Bezos underlines in his interviews that he is a really happy person and he says that it is necessary to be an optimistic person otherwise no positive results are reached. The risk is a controversial issue for Bezos. He claims that to found an enterprise is a rather risky activity and the largest risks should be eliminated at once. To be an entrepreneur is to have an appropriate mind for it otherwise it is very difficult to solve different problems and to make different solutions. Bezos tells that he has learned the importance of self-reliance from his early childhood. His grandfather told him that it was necessary to rely on oneself and support oneself by one’s own methods and strategies. There is no one around but you to fix a current breakage or to solve a current problem. A constant search for new opportunities is a perfect perspective for solving potential challenges or business hazards. Jeff Bezos demonstrates his flexible management nature and his ability to adapt new strategies of leadership and management. When Amazon had to deal with financial challenges of the Company in 2002, it should have dealt with more than $3 billion operating losses. With respect to the experienced challenges and losses of the Company, it is possible to outline the key elements of the Amazon’s business model. ...
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This research paper talks about the path of Jeff Bezos who has established the Amazon in 1994, which initially, was a cyber-bookstore, but nowadays became a network of merchant sites and has gone through thick and thin before he became a successful businessman and a leader. …
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