Replacing a Legacy AIS Application Case Study

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REPLACING A LEGACY AIS APPLICATION CASE STUDY Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Analysis 3 Alternatives 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 8 References 10 Introduction Information is critical to the success of any business organization. Various decision makers are required to have information that flows all throughout an organization (Hall 7).


Like any other system AIS is also a system consisting of different components which are interrelated to each other. Each of the sub-systems that make up the whole system performs several specific tasks which get integrated to be able to perform the ultimate task. Different components of AIS include, People, Procedures, Software, Data, and infrastructure for information technology. This study is all about the requirement of the public company which needs to replace its existing AIS. The needs and requirements of such change required by the company, a detailed analysis of all the various alternatives available to the company with regards to this change and the best possible alternative that needs to be implemented by the company have all been discussed in this study. Analysis The company being a publicly traded company must be requiring lot of transactions to be carried out every day. Hence in order to increase its efficiency, new effective AIS are the necessity for the organization. New AIS, replacing the old inefficient existing AIS of the company, can prove advantageous for the organization. ...
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