Integration of ERP Systems in Accounting Practice

Integration of ERP Systems in Accounting Practice Essay example
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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Integration of ERP Systems in Accounting Practice Beginning the early 1990s, the world has embraced technological advancement in literary all fields of application, including business management and organization. A prime example of technological adoption is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in business management.


ERP software incorporates various enterprise software modules that an organization may decide to purchase, depending on its technical capabilities and business needs. Particular ERP modules focus on specific areas of business processes, such as marketing or development. Among the popular ERP include those that tackle material purchasing, product planning, accounting, distribution, human resource, distribution, inventory control, marketing, and finance. The consistent growth of the popularity of the ERP methodology, businesses, and organizations are increasingly adopting the use of ERP for management and organization, particularly in the accounting field (Wagner, Moll, and Newell, 2011:182). Based on the cased study of socio-material perspective on the integration of ERP systems in accounting practice, this paper seeks to highlight the accountability and management issues associated with ERP as well as theoretical perspectives. In their case study on the introduction of an ERP system in an Ivy League University, Wagner, Moll, and Newell outline an array of accountability and management control issues associated with the system, including dependency of the ERP systems on the entanglement of technology and users (socio-material assemblage). ...
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