Corporate Governance, The fraud-Governance Linkage, and Audit

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Author Tutor Course Date Corporate Governance, The fraud-Governance Linkage, and Audit Introduction The paper explores topics in corporate governance, the fraud-governance linkage, and audit committee effectiveness. Recently, there has been revamped interest in the corporate governance, especially in the arena of accountability owing to the high-profile accounting fraud cases that rocked leading corporations.


Corporate governance encompasses regulatory and market mechanisms and goals on which a company is governed. Corporate governance also highlights the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders such as an organization’s management, board of directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Corporate governance avails guidelines centering on the way in which corporations should be governed in order to attain its goals and objectives, as well risk monitoring and assessment and performance optimization (Carcello, Hermanson and Ye 2). One of the outstanding themes of corporate governance revolves around the nature and extent of accountability required of persons running corporations, and mechanisms fashioned at decreasing principal-agent challenge to minimize managerial opportunism. Achieving Effective Corporate Governance Corporations operate in a legal environment and are subject to laws and regulations of a certain jurisdiction. Organizations also have a constitution that avails individual rules that govern the Corporation and sanction or constrain its operations or decision making. ...
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