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Operating, Investing and Financing of a Firm Abroad

This may also suggest that the firm has put in place a better and improved account receivables policy along with improved recovery strategy. Despite this, firm seems to tying in more of its capital in receivables and inventory however, considering the nature of business i.e. construction, it may seem that the receivables is a natural part of the business. Since construction projects take time to complete. During such phase, receivables may naturally occur as construction activity takes place. There has been pension contribution too in the operating activities wherein payments have been made in excess of the charge. Firm has also paid the interest on its loans suggesting that higher levels of debt may also increase the interest expenses for the firm and resultantly interest payments forming one of the larger part of operating activities. Investing Activities A closer look at the investing activities of the firm, as reflected in its cash flow statement, indicates that much of the cash in this category has been generated by the sale of subsidiaries. ...
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Taylor Wimpey Plc is a leading real estate development firms in United Kingdom and also operates into US and other markets. Since financial crisis, the firm has not been able to perform well due to slump in the housing market in US, US and other developed markets…
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