Executive Level Financial Report Research Paper for RenDi Corporation

Executive Level Financial Report Research Paper for RenDi Corporation  Research Paper example
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Executive level financial report research paper for RenDi Corporation 1.0 Executive Summary This is a report that gives a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the prevailing financial and stock performance of Southwest Airlines in relation to the profitability, solvency, liquidity and stability of the company.


Results from the analysis of data, shows clearly that Southwest Airlines has made greater strides to becoming a market force in the aviation industry by keeping at par with average industry ratios (Mazzeo, 2003). The fact that the company’s ratios are not so high above industry average however means that entrusting it with a five year long commitment would not be advisable. It can therefore be concluded that the prospects of the company in its current state with effect from the year 2009 is neutral. This means that the performance of the company is neither below average nor above average. Based on this, the major recommendation that is put across is for RenDi Corporation to enter into a short term commitment of a maximum period of three years with Southwest Airlines. 2.0 Overview of Southwest Airline as an aviation company From a humble beginning in 1971 where Southwest Airline operated with only three (3) Boeing 737 aircrafts in Texas, the company has today grown to be a major force in the air transport industry. It is refreshing to note that the company currently operates a total of five hundred and fifty (550) Boeing 737 aircrafts with other standby aircrafts for emergency service delivery. ...
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