Financial analysis of Toyota, Honda and Nissan: a comparison approach

Financial analysis of Toyota, Honda and Nissan: a comparison approach Essay example
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The following is a financial analysis of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan as a comparison approach. In this analysis, the main firm’s (Toyota) performance is compared to that of Honda and Nissan through the use of financial information.


This paper includes the financial comparison of Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Toyota is considered to be the main firm and is compared to Honda and Nissan through the financial information. This paper consists of three main sections. Firs one deals with the industrial overwiew of the firm. PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces, and SWOT are strategic tools used in carrying out the firm and industry analysis. The second part talks about financial analysis of various ratios regarding the firm. It also includes the valuation of the firm according to the contemporary business environment. Section three contains conclusions and remarks about the major things identified during the analysis and provides recommendations to would-be investors.
Section 1 is named Current State of the firm and includes such positions as: Target Firm, Basis of making comparisons, Vulnerability of the firms and industry to Macro-environmental factors, PESTLE Analysis of Automotive Industry, SWOT Analysis of Toyota, Financial Analysis of Toyota, Nissan, and Honda.
Section 2 is named Analysis. It includes such positions: Multiples for Evaluation,
Ratios, P/E ratio, PEG Ratio, Sales Growth, EPS (Diluted) Growth, P/E Ratio for the Five year Period, Price to Operating Profit Ratio, Shares, Potential Differences amongst the three Companies, Risk Efficiency, Managerial Efficiency, Comparing and Valuing Toyota.
Section 3 is named Conclusion.
Paper includes 1 Work Cited.
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