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RUNNING HEAD: Cost Management Cost Management Course Name Instructor Date Cost Management Introduction Cost management represents all of the different expenses, operations, and financial activities associated with operating a business and ensuring that all aspects of business meet with budgetary needs.


Using learning lessons from General Electric, and through referencing personal experiences with cost management, learning associated with cost management and future projections about competent business planning can be developed. It is necessary to understand the demand environment and operational costs in order to successfully meet budget guidelines and secure effective cost management. Main Issues Mattel company did not fully understand its demand environment, thus the business was making decisions, strategically for long-term financial gain, that would not be sustained according to models of product life cycle. The product life cycle model recognizes the gains associated with new product launch and then follows the viability of products throughout the time period where product would be accepted by consumer markets. The life cycle model recognizes that products will eventually reach a maturity stage where new technologies or innovations begin to make demand volumes obsolete, thus the business must be equipped to launch new products to offset any losses that occur. ...
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