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Name: ID: Seminar Class Code: Class Time: Lecturer’s Name: Assignment: CASE STUDY: INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT 20th August 2012 Table of Contents Background of California R.E.I.T. and Brown Group, Inc 4 Return and Risk 5 Portfolio Standard Deviation 5 Regression 9 SPC Regression Output 9 SPB Regression Output 9 Appendix 10 Sarah Wolfe was the founder and the CEO of a small management company referred to as Beta Management in the Boston suburb, which was founded in 1988.


New clients and contracts were made to Beta Management which meant more money from existing clients as well as the incoming clients. One of her strategies was to expand the business by the end of 1991 from the new profits that she made from the new clients and the extra money she was getting from her existing and loyal clients. In order to succeed with that thought, she inquired from the small business around her and hoped that the idea would bring in more assets and less loses. The strategy was a good move as it allowed her to have more clients as well as giving back to the society /community by employing more people. With a bigger business, it gives an opening for more opportunities as well as profit maximization to the business. Though it can be more advantageous the strategy can also have negative impacts as it can easily fail bringing loses to the business. To expand a business it requires so much input to the same and it can be overwhelming to the employer and the employee leading to its termination before it gets a good foundation. The strategy however is a good element for a business as it gives clients a variety of things and services to benefit from. ...
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