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AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALTIES, INCORPORATED Name: Professor: Course: Date: Table of Contents i. Process utilized in solutions and recommendations ii. Introduction iii. Theories, concepts, and principles iv. Problems in the case v. Consequence of persistent problems vi.


It involves the analysis of distinction between domestic, as well as offshore investments. The process incorporates risk assessment into the estimates of project cash flows. It separates the potential political risk with adjustments that would arise due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. This was done because political risks are often entirely separated from risk arising from exchange activities. Evaluation of parity conditions over the life of the project was carried out. This was however, made beneficial by incorporating the conditions into the forecasts of exchange rates. The forecasts were readily available as they were within the contact of managers. The case was expanded by including annual exchange relationships, as well as potential political events that indicated relations with exchange rate behavior. Although the process may seem to distract students, the simplifications utilized were essential for the provision of a sufficiently detailed analysis. The process also included a keen focus on the beneficial techniques, as well as financial aspects included in the case. Some issues were however over looked although an individual who reviews the analysis would easily reincorporate them. Political contemplations principal to investments were also initiated in the process. This was to help meet the requirements of a vast customer. ...
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