How Collaborative Communication to Promote the Satisfaction and Loyalty of Franchisees

How Collaborative Communication to Promote the Satisfaction and Loyalty of Franchisees Dissertation example
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Abstract Businesses that deal with multinational companies involve the consideration of cultural dimensions in order to have smoother transactions and establish collaborative communication between parties from different cultures. One reliable indicator of cultural dimensions is Geert Hofstede’s framework in studying various cultures based on the dimensions of collectivism vs.


Hong Kong is a country that has established several multinational businesses, mostly franchises from mother companies based abroad. It is necessary that cultural dimensions of various individuals and groups involved in franchise businesses be studied so that franchisers and franchisees have better understanding of each other as well as the business itself. Such collaborative communication borne from this understanding is believed to bring about satisfaction and loyalty of franchisees, hence, more success in the business, and more profit for the franchise. Qualitative methods such as questionnaires and focus group discussions of stakeholders from various franchise businesses in Hong Kong will be used in this study to determine if consideration of such cultural dimensions has an impact on satisfaction and loyalty of franchisees and net profit of the businesses. Chapter 1 Introduction/ Rationale Today, more than ever, businesses come in various forms. This is especially true with international businesses. Some companies expand by having more branches both locally and internationally. Ownership of these branches may either be retained by the original owners or sold as franchises to new owners but still under the same company name and operations, but different management. ...
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