Segmentation Variables for the water market in the UK. Coca-Cola in UK.

Segmentation Variables for the water market in the UK. Coca-Cola in UK. Assignment example
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Coca Cola which is known for its innovation and best soft drinks produced by them globally is not a company which makes mistakes often. Coke had launched its Dasani bottled water in UK which resulted in a disaster for the company.


Dasani failed in the UK market because unlike most of the bottled water which were obtained from precious natural spring or alpine glaciers, Dasani was obtained through local tab water which the company put in the purification process and added mineral salt to it. Within just five weeks of its launched Dasani was withdrawn from the market resulting in financial loss, created a bad image in the minds of the customers reducing the brand value. Bottled water is the fastest growing product in the soft drink category and Coke needs a successful bottled water to capture the UK and European market (Garrett, 2004). Segmentation Variables for the water market in the UK The benefits of market segmentation are highly recognized by the marketing practitioners. With more advanced and sophisticated technology the consumers have become more sophisticated in their shopping behavior and so it becomes important for the marketers to consider the potential market segment and introduce the product. The principle assumption lies on the fact the consumers are numerous and are varied in their product needs and requirements and are not satisfied by single offering, thus market segmentation is required to satisfy the different needs and demands of the customers. ...
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