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This paper represents organizational structure and corporate governance of Crown Limited, a famous international entertainment company and one of the largest entertainment groups in Australia.


In 2007, Crown Limited was established after divested from its parent company Publishing and Broadcasting Limited. It was the gaming division and assets as Crown Limited. Rest asset of PBL was renamed as Consolidated Media Holding. Core business of Crown Limited is in gaming and entertainment sector. It wholly owns two famous Australia’s leading entertainment and gamming complexes that are Burswood Entertainment Complex located in Perth and Crown Entertainment Complex located in Melbourne (Crown Limited, 2012). Organizational Structure The organizational structure of Crown limited consists of board of directors, senior management and other divisional employees like senior managers, managers, assistant managers, executives etc in each division like marketing, finance, human resources. Executives and junior managers report to managers. Managers report to senior managers and senior managers report to top management. Similarly the task strategy implementation processes comes from reverse way like from the top management to the senior managers, followed by mangers and then assistant managers and executives. Figure 1: Organization Structure of Crown Limited (top management) Above diagram represents the top management structure of the company. In the above diagram short form of the designation of top management are given. ...
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