Public Listed Company Whose Corporate Governance Has Received Comment

Public Listed Company Whose Corporate Governance Has Received Comment Essay example
Finance & Accounting
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Finance and Accounting A sea change has been noticed over the last few years, in the economic judgments across the developed nations of the world. The recent financial crisis has exposed that the prevailing western economic standards were flawed. The implications of the situation are much wider than we can see.


It deals with structuring and allocating responsibilities within the companies or organization. For this purpose the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) is chosen to continue the discussion. So the corporate governance issues that exploded within the organization which resulted in major financial misbalances would be analyzed. A critical evaluation regarding the risk associated in this case would be made, so as to understand the identified risks and the approaches that were made from the side of management to combat the risks. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the viewpoints of different stakeholders of the company would be included. The external and internal shareholders, their role and their view for such situation would be considered. Also the auditors of the firm, the government agencies involved and the shareholder’s association’ viewpoint regarding governance problems at Royal Bank of Scotland would be discussed. The purpose of conducting such detailed investigation is to understand the significance of corporate governance in an organization and understand the effects that it might have when corrupt governance practices creeps in. ...
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