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Outsourcing (Student’s name) (Institution) (Course name) (Course number) (Instructors name) (Date submitted) Outsourcing In order for a company to be successful in the current, competitive global market, firms must take complete advantages over all business processes, through which they can, posses and contain a steady competitive advantage over their rivals, competing in the same business.


Nevertheless, the decision to undertake outsourcing is a sign of future increase in profits. A number of factors have become considered before a firm can decide whether outsourcing is the right path for the firm to take. One of them has the complete knowledge of outsourcing. According to the online business dictionary, outsourcing is the sub contracting, contracting or externalizing a firms none fundamental processes to free up personnel, cash, facilities and time, for other functions that the firm holds competitive advantage (Engardio & Burrows, 2001). The essay aims at explaining on the need, benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing. According to the publication by the business weekly, even if the total demand may slow down for tech goods, constant financial pressure will rise on firms like; Lucent, Motorola and Hewlett Packard to reduce their costs. According to Michael Marks, the CEO of Flextronics International Limited, getting rid of factories is the best way of doing it (Engardio & Burrows, 2001). The financial officer of Solectron Corp accepts that it is beneficial for companies to outsource after signing with Nortel Networks Corp, a $10 billion deal in production. ...
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