Making Decisions in a Legal Context

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Making decisions in a legal context (60%)
Q1. To ensure compliance, describe how the business would manage personal information about staff employed or contracted by the business to conduct BAS Agent services – their qualifications, experience and police checks.


Answer: Not all of the employees of a registered BAS agent need be registered with the Board. However, any parties (including individuals or groups) contracted for BAS related work need to be registered with the Board to ensure compliance with relevant legal provisions. Typically, it is common for a BAS service to register some of its employees with the Board in order to meet a “minimum numbers” requirement and to demonstrate the competence of the BAS agent (TPB, 2012a). In order to manage the personal information of employees, Sophie Tiller will store information in personal records. A similar approach will be used for contracted BAS agents. Access to these records would be restricted except for Sophie Tiller or relevant authorities for auditing and compliance checks.

Q2. Describe the process for managing the personal information, particularly the police checks and other personal information including Tax File Numbers, Bank Account details, personal and contact information.
Answer: At the time of induction, both employees and contractors would be required to provide or sign a consent form for criminal history record check. For most general purposes, this form is the NAT 16358 that is available at the Australian Taxation Office website (ATO, 2012a). This form will then be attached to the particulars of the employee or contractor and sent to the local police authorities for verification. ...
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