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718739 CBud Part 1 Cash budgets are used to control and plan cash receipts and cash payments (Horngren et al 2011). They are used to prevent the holding of unnecessary idle cash as well as to prevent cash deficiencies and so keep cash balances in line with requirements (Horngren et al 2011).


There are certain items that are not included in the cash budget although they used in the calculation of profits. They include deprecation and other expenses which do not include the movement of cash. The table below shows the cash budget for Classic Footballs Ltd. Calculations relating to this budget are shown in the appendix. Cash Budget for Classic Footballs Ltd for the Six Months Ending June 30, 2013   January February March April May June Total   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Cash balance at beginning 0 50238 204198 426382 1046994 1762739 0 Add receipts:               Issue of shares 52500           52500 Grant     350,000 350000 350000 350000 1400000 Loan- Welch Dev Co. ...
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