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Planning, Control, and Risk Boris Lyles Acc-570 Jacquelyn Mosely 07/09/2012 Company Summary Apple Inc. is a multinational company popular in the segment of selling and designing of computer software, computer electronics and personal computers. The company is best known for its products like Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod.


In 2011, Steve Jobs unveiled the iCloud, which is an online storage for music, files, photos and software in place of MobileMe. The company is also looking forward to the environmental issues that emerge during the production process. Thus, the company has come up with the initiative of reducing the carbon emission during the production process. In spite of the rise in the revenue of the company over the years, the greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 15.4% since 2008 in terms of per dollar revenue (Apple Inc., 2012). Rate of Return Apple Inc. is a US based company and, therefore, deals in the US dollar value. Internationally, dollar is considered to be the standard scale in understanding the present status of the market. Therefore, both local as well as parent currency returns for Apple Inc. would be in terms of the US dollar. If the company invests in developing countries where the market is huge, then the foreign direct investments made by the Apple Inc. will turn out to be fruitful, as the exchange rates of foreign currencies with respect to US dollar are variable over the market. ...
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