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International Corporate Finance- Business Report Executive Summary This study is on the situation where the Australian Investment bank has to advice King Minerals Limited on the country which would be suitable for exploration or expansion of mining business.


This is because South Africa is one of the major producers of gold in the world. The Foreign Direct Investments policies of the country and a suitable market entry mode have been suggested in order to direct KM an entry path towards South Africa. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 5 Background 5 Mission of King Minerals Limited (KM) 6 Outline of the Study 6 Country Risk Analysis 6 Political Risk Analysis 6 Government in South Africa 8 Government Policies for Mining Industry 8 Economic or Financial Risk Analysis 9 Gold Mining Contribution to GDP 10 Gold Mining Impacts on South Africa 12 Affect of Gold Mining on the Economic Condition 12 Taxation System for Mining Industry 13 Foreign Direct Investment 14 Conclusion and Recommendations 15 References 16 Bibliography 18 Introduction Background The study aims at conducting a country risk analysis to assist the Australian Investment Bank in advising about investment opportunities in South African gold mining industry. King Minerals Limited (KM), an Australian mineral firm wanted to float an ambitious program for exploring and extracting gold in Africa, so it is important to conduct an analysis of Africa and its gold mining industry. The political, social and economic record of South Africa to a large extent is influenced by the exploration of a glittering metal called Gold. ...
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