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Managerial Accounting - Essay Example

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Managerial Accounting

This money would be classified as cash until the salaries are actually paid. At that point, salaries would come upon a specific salary section on the balance sheet or may even be considered a business expense and taken of the balance sheet altogether. 2) a) The predetermined overhead rate for the year is $5 per direct labor hour. (Manufacturing Overhead/ Direct Labor-hours) ($80,000/ 16,000) = $5 per direct labor hour. b) The amount of overhead charged to jobs during the year is $75,000. (Actual direct labor-hours * Predetermined overhead rate) (15,000 * $5) = $75,000 c) The amount of underapplied or overapplied overhead for the year is $3,000 underapplied. (Actual overhead costs – Applied overhead costs) ($78,000 - $75,000) = $3,000 d) The unit cost that would appear on the job cost sheet for Job #315 is $59. (Direct Materials + Direct Labor + Overhead applied)/ 100. ($1,500 + $2,400 + $2,000) = $5,900. $5,900/ 100 = $59. 3) $20,000 + $201,000 = $221,000. $221,000 - $35,000 = $186,000 4) a) TVC = $118,008/ 2,400 = $49.17. $49.17 * 2,500 = $122,925 b) TFC = $9,000/ 2,400 = $3.75. $3.75 * 2,500 = $9,375 c) TC = $122,925 + $9,375 = $132,300 d) AVC = $122,925/ 2,500 = $49.17 e) AFC = $9,375/ 2,500 = $3.75 f) ATC = $49.17 + $3.75 = $52.92 5) Sales = Variable expenses + Fixed expenses + Desired Profit $170Q = $39.10 + $641,410 + $65,450 $130.90 = $706,860 Q = $706,860/ $130.90 per unit Q = 5,400 units 6) The absorption costing net operating income for last year was $66,600. Inventory increased by 900 units. Fixed manufacturing overhead cost per unit was $3. 900 units * $3 = $2,700. Absorption cost equals variable costing net operating income times the total inventory cost. $63,000 + $2,700 = $66,600. 7) Activity-based costing is used to identify activities in an organization and assigns costs to an activity based on the actual consumption of an activity. The benefit to this type of costing model is that each activity is separate from the other and it is easier to see which areas are performing well and which areas are performing not so well. The five levels of an activity-based cost system typically are unit-level activities, batch-level activities, product-level activities, organization-sustaining activities, and customer-level activities. The first three levels of activities are all different stages of production. Each stage of production is broken down so that it can be seen what can be cut back on. The fourth and fifth activities have more to do with management of the organization. Organization-sustaining activities are those that affect the employees of an organization, while customer-level activities deal with how customers perceive an organization to ...Show more


Managerial Accounting 1) What Joe needs to understand is that employee salaries can be taken out of company expenses. The reason for this is because paying employees their wages is something that is important to the functioning of a business. For example, if a company has not paid its employees for a long period of time, then it is likely that those salaries would go under liabilities on the balance sheet…
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Managerial Accounting essay example
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Managerial accounting
Manufacturing overhead for application to jobs during December Manufacturing overhead for December= total manufacturing overhead – manufacturing overhead till November =2400000- 2200000 =200000 Optic Vision would apply $ 200000 of manufacturing overhead during December.
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Managerial accounting
The conventional accounting impact uses the basic accounting principle of “Matching”. The Matching concept is basically a “fundamental concept of accrual basis accounting that offsets revenue against expenses on the basis of their cause-and-effect relationship.
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Managerial Accounting
The objective of the internal accounting system is to generate financial information that will streamline operational costs. As a result the operations can be made more efficient. In order to meet the objective of cost control, the accounting system provides information in several areas: cash receipts, cash disbursements, petty cash, payroll and fixed assets (Hill and Jones, 2007).
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Managerial Accounting
As a marketing manager for the Crunchy Cookie Company, I would not underestimate sales for a number of reasons. Cookies are frequently eaten edibles and underestimating its sales might create a shortage of products. If the budget is inappropriate, materials are ordered in accordingly and will not result in an increase in sales.
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Managerial accounting
Yet our experience since the early part of this decade has shown this to be an illusion. Massive accounting irregularities and scandals, involving large
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Managerial accounting
It states that, in measuring net income for an accounting period, the costs incurred in that period should be matched against the revenue generated in the same
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Managerial Accounting
The outflows are calculated multiplying 200 times $500 which equals $100,000. The 200 is the days the lodge is open and $500 are the daily expenses. The 20
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Managerial accounting
Management accountants seem to be moving from their traditional roles of being scorekeepers and controllers in an organization to playing a strategic role. This essay will analyze the changing role of management accountants in modern day businesses by looking at the
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Managerial Accounting
To determine the effect that Machine Hours has on the total cost of production, a relationship needs establishing through the straight line passing through the coordinates. Where this
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Managerial accounting
With that it sets a predetermined benchmark and standard for the measurement of the subsequent performance of the company. The budgeting has been
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