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Analysis of a Firm (Business Report) Executive Summary This report focuses on the financial aspects and evaluation of an Australian Securities Exchange listed company. The company chosen for this study is Woodside, which is one of the major oil and gas companies of Australia and the largest producer of LNG in the world.


However, an interim dividend has been paid to the shareholders though a decrease in net profit has been seen in 2011 as compared to the last year. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Company Overview – Woodside 4 Firm Analysis 4 Financial Analysis 5 Risk and Performance Analysis 7 Investments 8 Valuation 9 Conclusion 10 Reference List 11 Company Overview – Woodside Woodside is one of the major companies of Australia in the oil and gas sector. It is also one of the major operators of LNG plants. They produce about 700,000 oil barrels every day and operate even in remote and sensitive regions of the world. Woodside produces eco-friendly gas to meet the energy requirements of the customers of Australia, China, and Asia Pacific regions. Woodside has a number of subsidiaries. The major operating subsidiary of the company is Woodside Energy ltd. Currently 3,856 employees are working for the company around the world. Woodside is also supported by 734 other third party contractors (Woodside, 2011a, p. 4). Firm Analysis Woodside started its journey in the year 1954. Shell had 40 percent of the shares; BHP Billiton had shares in Woodside, too. ...
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