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Essay example - The board of Comvitea Ltd appears to be committed to principles of good corporate governance

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Finance & Accounting
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The Board of Comvitea Ltd Appears To Be Committed To Principles of Good Corporate Governance Introduction Corporate governance comprises a model of relationship existing between a company’s management, its shareholders, board of directors and other stakeholders…

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The company was established in the year 1970 and is situated in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Comvita is learnt to be dedicated towards manufacturing innovative natural health care products (Comvita Limited and its subsidiaries, 2012). This discussion will attempt to gain a comprehension regarding the process of corporate governance in Comvita and the way the company manages and controls its governance aspect in relation to its business operations. Issue of Corporate Governance in New Zealand Corporate governance practices and guidelines in the business environment of New Zealand are provided utmost importance and strong emphasis. Effective corporate governance is considered to be quite necessary not only for companies operating in the public sector but is also deemed to be required for other corporate entities as well. There are certain attributes with regard to the economy of New Zealand (NZ) which represents a unique view in terms of the corporate governance debate. The facet of corporate governance of foreign countries is known to remain particularly concentrated in public listed companies but in NZ, majority of the business entities are learnt to basically focus on corporate governance for both public as well as private companies. ...
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