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A problem involving Transfer Pricing has occurred between two subsidiaries of ACS at a time when there was no set of corporate policies for management decision making guidelines.


Based on the given case facts (See Appendix), hereunder are the effects of each alternative pricing. Quantitative Effects of Alternative Transfer Prices on the ROI of Reading Company: Reading Co.’s Offer = $ 11.80 Millwall Co.’s Offer = $7.68 VP Finance Offer = $10.12 Selling Price $ 11.80 Mftg. VC+FC ( 8.40) Gross Profit $ 3.40 S & A 0.00 NIBT $ 3.40 % NIBT./Capital = 40.48% Standard with Normal Operations = 30% Selling Price = $ 7.68 Mftg VC + FC = ( 8.40) Loss = ($0.72) S & A 0 Net Loss ($0.72) % Net Loss/Capital(8.57%) Selling Price = $10.12 Mftg.VC + FC = ( 8.40) Gross Profit = $1.72 S & A 0 NIBT =$1.72 %NIBT/Capital =20.48% Since the effects of Millwall Company’s buying price offer and the ACS Corporate VP Finance recommended buying price offer would certainly pull down the ROI of Reading Company, it will definitely be unfair for the provider of component. On the other hand, the offer of Reading Company seeks to take advantage of the situation of Millwall Company by demanding a price that will give Reading Company a much higher Return on Capital Invested before tax for the component orders of Millwall Company. The usual ROI before tax of Reading Co. is only 30%. And Reading wants 40% NIBT/Capital. ...
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