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The movie “Inside Job” elicits strong negative responses from viewers, which are relative based on one’s position of the events outlines and expounded in the movie. Personally, the movie being an expose of the background behind then events that led to the financial crisis of the late 2000s arouses outrage.


The movie arouses emotions of hatred towards those with financial power and annoyance towards regulatory agencies. The activities portrayed are too inhuman to bear and even come to terms with, which people with such wicked ambition do exist, and little can be done to bring their mindset to a halt. This is including the lack of a conscious, which seems to be the perfect definition of a capitalist nation, and one in which power is given to a chosen few to control the fate of the country’s economics. The worst part in the entire movie is the lack of measures to regulate the financial industry, and especially the replacement of business executives. This is concerning the selfish ambition with no regard, whatsoever, for human welfare, other than propulsion of their business enterprises into greater heights. This is particularly so with the selfish decision made in misleading investors, in internet stocks, to continue investing heavily while then returns, in the future, were not something worth considering (Scots 2). It is also frustrating to watch, in the movie, the lack of accountability after the bubble burst in the face of the world. The situation is made worse by the presence of Charles Morris and Lawrence Summers in the movies. ...
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