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During the financial year 2012, the current liabilities of the company JB-Hi Fi Limited has increased $93,543 thousand as compared to the prior year ending 2011. This represents an increase of around 27% during the financial year.


A brief analysis of the notes to the financial statement pertaining to the trade payable figure presents the fact that the trade payable figure also comprises of other figures such as GST payables, deferred income and other creditors and accruals. All of these items have shown significant increase over the financial year 2012, but the most significant increase is represented by the increase in the figure of trade payables which has shown an increase of about $100,371 thousand or about 38% of the prior year balance. The trade payable balance amounts to around 91% of the total ‘Trade and other payable’ line item in the balance sheet of the company. Other balances of current liabilities line items include other financial liabilities, provisions and other current liabilities which all have shown inclining movement in the current financial year. This increase is offset to a certain extent by the increase in the figure of current tax liabilities which have decreased by &7,690 thousand during the current financial year of 2012. The company might have decided to pay more in respect of its current tax liabilities in order to maintain a lower balance of payable for the current year. The liabilities which are likely to be settled within 12 months form the end of the financial year date are classified under the heading of current liabilities. ...
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