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Running Head: FINANCIAL CRISES Title: Financial Crises, types, causes and prevention Name of the Student: Name of Institution: October 17, 2012 Table of Contents Title: Financial Crises, types, causes and prevention 1 Name of the Student: 1 Name of Institution: 1 October 17, 2012 1 1.


In such a situation, the entity would face liquidity problems, have cash flow problems, and see the net worth decreasing. If it happens to a market or a bank, then there would be panic selling that further brings the prices of stocks down. There would be a run on the banks with a large number of people attempting to withdraw cash. Assets would lose their valuation. Depending on the severity of the crisis, the market would recover in a few days or the ill effects would persist for a few years. A financial crisis is followed by recession and a general slowdown of the market. Financial crisis can even happen to individuals and businesses and such entities cannot pay their bills, they cannot pay their employees and their business would be repossessed. Recession is said to follow financial crisis and when the GDP becomes negative for two quarters, then the nation is said to be in recession (World Bank, 28 June 2012). This paper examines the subject of financial crisis and discuses various types, causes and method of preventing such a crisis. 2) Types of Financial Crisis Financial crisis usually results in a notional and ‘on paper’ wealth of a firm. If the firm has retained its assets and other infrastructure then after the crisis is over, it can regain its previous position in the market. ...
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