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Answer to Question No. 1 Carbon management accounting is the aggregate of ‘the tools, structures, and procedures for managing carbon related information,’ and is a component of sustainability accounting that helps companies make short and long-term decisions concerning environmental concerns such as carbon emissions (Burritt, Schaltegger & Svezdov, 2011, p.


to significantly reduce these emissions (p. 81). The choice of approach depends upon the nature of the business, its motivations and objectives, and the environment it functions in. As a result, there is no one best way by which organizations may achieve their carbon emission targets. The advantages to the firm in the second to the fourth approaches are self-evident, in that energy savings which reduce emissions reduce costs, and the positive publicity enhances the firm’s standing among its consumers. The first approach has to do with the trading of emissions certificates, wherein businesses whose operations require higher emissions purchase pollution permits from other firms who do not need theirs. In this manner, firms who reduce their emission levels have no need for their emission certificates, and may sell them to other firms and therefore earn revenue. Answer to Question No. ...
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