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Review of Accounting Ethics Corporate Ethical Breaches in Recent Times In the recent times scandals, corruption and ethical breaches have taken place both in public as well as private sectors since the time of their existence. A brief survey of history has revealed that every era is troubled by questions of morality, especially in business, financial and news sectors.


Current Business and Regulatory Environment-Conducive to Ethical Behavior In light of the continuing and current scandal related business environment people working in the corporate environment tend to indulge into unethical business practices. However, it is to be determined that the ethics whether qualitative or quantitative in nature have undergone a rise or decline in the conduct of the business of the respective organization. In reality the tension between the quantitative and the qualitative ethics are resulting in the increasing tensions and conflicting needs of the company. The company bears the responsibility of providing timely information to the shareholders that is relevant and easily understood by the shareholders of the company whereas the responsibility of the accountant of the company is with meeting assigned ethical duty. But mostly there lies a clash between the ethics and the economical status of the country in which the company is operating and unfortunately economies of the country turn the winner, making the regulatory environment conducive to the ethical behavior (Kushniroff, 2011, p.103). ...
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