The Coca-Cola Company Financial Results Analysis

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Financial Results Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Financial Results The financial results analysis of the Coca Cola Company has been interesting in terms of growth in income and volume. This suggests that the beverage company has strived to meet most of its goals and objectives to acquire the potential emerging markets.


There are various interesting issues about the North American market for The Coca-Cola Company in terms of its volume growth or declines for the period. For instance, in the second quarter of 2012, there was a volume growth of 4% at the global level. In the same aspect, in the quarter it turned to 5% in accordance with the year-to-date ratings. Therefore, this suggests that there was a growth of volume by 1% for North America in the succeeding quarter and year-to-date affecting even the international volume that leapt to 5%. Alternatively, in the following second quarter, there was a growth of 3% of net revenues with another 7% of net revenues in the comparable currency (Onkvisit, 2004). This means there were significant growths in the quarters and the net revenues of comparable currency. There was also the operating income standing at 7% with the net revenue of 6%. However, the met revenues have a possibility of decline if there are no checks in the growth of the operating income. It is also essential to note there are varying drivers of profitability during the quarter at The Coca Cola Company. This has also led to, interesting long-term, impact in terms of profits and eventual success. For example, there is the maximization of returns through close monitoring of profits and minimization of losses. ...
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