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Emaar Properties PJSC

Working Capital ratios 8
Investor performance 9
Conclusion 15
Bibliography 17
Executive Summary

This report is a financial analysis of Emaar Properties PJSC which is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing real estate developers. Their performance is indicative of the huge rise in demand of living solutions for people around the globe.
Emaar properties' has held a growing position in the industry as compared over the period of two years. The reports highlights on what financial effect the global financial crisis had on Emaar Properties’ performance. The continuous growth and expansion in various developments by Emaar Properties has played a vital role in its success. It has been competing well in its sector and industry within the geographical boundaries of Middle-East and has spread to international horizons as well. The leap to other countries has made Emaar Properties a global enterprise in the world of real-estate developers leading with innovations and state of the art facilities
The report is clearly spread out in different sections according to financial results obtained while comparing Emaar from the year 2009 to 2010 and Emaar as compared to the industry average and its main competitors.
This report is divided into parts and properly analyzed into different parts. The ratios have been calculated and analyzed as per the past record of Emaar properties. ...
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Calculation of Ratios 5
Profitability Ratios 5
Liquidity And Solvency Ratios 6
Working-Capital Ratios 6
Investor Performance Ratios 6
Ratio analysis 7
Profitability Ratios 7
Liquidity and Solvency 8
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