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Contents Abstract 2 Financial Analysis 3 Profitability Ratios 3 Liquidity and efficiency Ratios 4 Gearing Ratios 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Abstract Ratio analysis is a very accurate and reliable tool when it comes to analyzing the financial outlook of an entity.


These analysis form an integral part of the financial statement analysis, especially from the investors point of view, who always strive to invest in countries having strengthen and stabilizing financial ratios and representing an upward trend. It is of great significance that the ratios must be benchmarked against a standard in order for them to possess a meaning. Keeping that into account, the comparison is usually conducted between companies portraying same business and financial risks, between industries and between different time periods of the same company. The company under consideration is JB Hi Fi Limited and in this report analysis of the financial performance of the company for the financial year 2009 with the financial year 2010 has been conducted in order to draw attention to various financial trends and significant changes over the period. The analysis is divided into three main categorize namely Profitability, Liquidity and Gearing. Profitability ratios identify how efficiently and effectively a company is utilizing its resources and how successful it has been in generating a desired rate of return for its shareholders and investors. ...
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