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Prudential Insurence Case - Assignment Example

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Prudential Insurance Case Name Instructor Course Date Internal Environment Before Ryan took over leadership at the Prudential Insurance Company, the company had been experiencing significant growth in revenue every year, making it the largest insurance company in the whole of North America, and also among the leading in the whole world…

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Prudential Insurence Case

The company’s tangible resources are financial, human and physical resources. It had in its possession several physical resources that she managed; they include equipment and buildings. The strong financial position of the company ensured that it had very stable financial resources for conducting its duties or operations without substantial problems in terms of shortages of money. This considerably put it in a position of avoiding unnecessary debt financing. Nevertheless, the company also ensured that it maintained a workforce that is highly motivated; which has been a major driving force in ensuring that it achieves its intended goals of service delivery to its clients. Furthermore, the company invested heavily in the development and training of its employees as this is a critical factor in making sure the employees that are fully involved or fully engaged in the service provision deliver work or services of high quality, and those that deal with matters marketing or promotion make sure that the potential clients are made aware.On the other hand, the intangible resources of the company included, goodwill, intellectual and technical (Hopkin, 2012). ...
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