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“Financial Product” [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] Abstract: The credit card is issued by a Bank to its customers whether they have the saving account in the same bank not. These cards help the consumers to make payments on credit which are later paid in addition to some other charges.


The credit cards involve much risk such as theft, fraud, misuse of personal information, etc. however these risks can be managed by paying just a little attention to once financial position and the purchasing power. The card holder must communicate his rights and obligations to the issuing authority which strengthens their relationship and reduces risks (Anderson & Schroder, 2010). Credit cards offered by the Banks Credit cards are offered by the Banks to their customers, through whom they can make payments for online products, in shops, products available with the telemarketers, for paying bills of hotels and resorts, for paying fare, etc. As indicated by name they are based upon the credit system, the user of the card would have to pay interest to the bank whenever he makes payments through the credit card. The issuer of the card is the Bank itself which allows the consumers a continuous balance of debt with the interest payments. The idea of a credit card was emerged somewhere in 1887. The concept of the modern credit card was based on the idea of merchant credit schemes which were used among the companies to make payments. Later the horizon of the card become wide and it became available to the local public. Initially these cards were made of celluloid plastic but these days mostly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used. ...
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