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The CPA journal (auditing) - Essay Example


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The CPA journal (auditing)

Quality in auditing is measured by the ability of an auditor to give an opinion that is fair and true. A fair and true opinion is usually beneficial to the stakeholders of the company because they are able to make sound decisions about a company as a result of the audit information given. That is a good thing to the company because a company would add on its credibility as a result of the information that is given in the audit report. The problem that is addressed in the journal is the issue of an audit firm receiving more that 10% of their income from a single client. That problem is not acceptable in the auditing world. This is to avoid some problems that may be associated with the issue. If an audit firm receives more that 10% of its income from a single audit firm, there would a case of prejudice or favoritism in the practice in the work area. That means that the large client may threaten to pull out of the customer list of the company if a certain thing is not done. That would jeopardize with the normal working of the company and that should be avoided so as to ensure that there are fair views in auditing. The journal states that the audit firms should avoid the overreliance on a single client because that would not be ethical. That can be done by the audit firms charging a standard fee that would be applied across all customers so as to maintain equality. The other way that the issues can be avoided is by the audit company serving a large customer base. A large customer base can be

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In the above problem, Bob has breached the confidentiality principle; this is an ethical principle and legal obligation of discretion which require non disclosure of information except to the client and audit committee about the findings or any material uncovered during the course of audit.
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The net profit margin and gross profit margin are used in analyzing the profitability of an entity. The net profit margin and gross profit margins are used to evaluate the operating performance of a company (Pamela and Frank 2010). The net profit margin calculates the net profit as a percentage of sales.
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Auditing in business world
Investors, government regulatory bodies and the public, in general, set such store in the auditing function that they feel cheated when the actual outcome do not meet the level of auditing that they are expecting. The result: auditors are blamed, alongside with top management, for the company's failures.
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Auditing, taxes
The issue of ethics is paramount in so important and vital a subject as audit. The routine grind and pre-occupation with prospects for fresh trade and service opportunities make it difficult for business enterprises, social and other non-profit organizations, and professionals to scrupulously adhere to sound ethics that not only evolve with moral principles but also fundamental, cultural and business practices unique and relevant to every socio-culture.
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It also includes profitability and protection of the company's assets. This exhibits that the internal control system should first of all meet the objective of accomplishing the company's operational goals and objectives. The second objective of an internal control system is to prepare a reliable and trustworthy financial reporting system.
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al public and the accounting profession have had their differences over time on how the auditor should handle the process and what type of information should be reported by auditors to the users of the financial information. The difference between what the public and other
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There are only four today with the split of the fifth, Arthur Andersen, into a consultancy firm (present-day Accenture) from its accountancy business that is no longer
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It also represents the internal control procedures along with the symptoms of a lack of internal control. The paper also states about the impact of a missing journal entry upon the financial statements of the corporation. An internal control system can present a
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The risks involved in the audit of this company is analyzed and elaborated. The analysis of the management assertions to what the management imposes upon the
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Auditing Practices, Professionalism, Ethics, And Standards
Although some experts have argued that auditing firms may still be able to legitimize their status by appealing to and incorporating professionalism in their practice, this is often difficult as they are often motivated to increase their profits and market niches just like other capitalist enterprises.
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done by audit firms educating small businesses on the advantages of audited reports and the value gained from such reports. The introduction of small businesses would add on the customer base and that would increase the income of the audit firms and that would eventually reduce the reliance of the company’s income from a single client. There were a number of critical issues that were addressed in the journal. The first issue was the reliance on a single client. The journal states that such an act should not take place because it would lead to a conflict in the execution of the duties of auditors. The auditing area is restricted by a number of laws that should be observed so as to ensure that the area of auditing is free and fair and that there is proper execution of duties. The pother critical issue that is addressed is the payment of auditors that are found in the audit firms. The auditors should be fairly remunerated so as to ensure that there is no unfair practice done by the auditors. In most cases, there occur irregular practices on the side of auditor if they are not fairly remunerated. If a person has a good remuneration, it would be next to impossible to convince the person to execute his or her work in a manner that is not appropriate. The other critical issue is the issue of advertising. Audit firms are not allowed to advertise their services. That is an ethical practice and that should always be avoided in the auditing field. The auditors are also asked to observe their ethical requirements. The ethical requirements include the issue of confidentiality. Auditors should not rely client information not unless the client asks the auditor to do so, or there is a court order that insists that the information must be released. The other ethical issues are the fact that an auditor should not audit his or her own work. That means that an auditor should not serve as an accountant for a company and also as the


Date CPA journal The latest journal talks about the audit fees that are charged by the big four audit firms and the other audit firms that are not included in the big four. The journal also insists on the IAS 5 that deals with the remuneration of auditors…
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The CPA journal (auditing) essay example
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