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It builds batteries for power in cars, torches etc. It also makes batteries that are used in UPS. It provides appliances to run automotives such as cranes, road rollers etc. It is also a major provider for aerospace and defense utilities. ENERSYS claims to be the largest industrial battery provider in the whole world(ENERSYS, 2005). It has built its customer base in over 100 countries over the past few years. It is the primary supplier in Motive power such as supplying power facilities to railway, Reserve Power such as batteries for cars. The company was previously known as Yuasa Inc, but it was acquired from a Japanese owner in 2000 and changed its name to ENERSYS Inc in 2001(Yahoo, 2012). ENERSYS Performance ENERSYS’s current stock price is $ 33.85 and retrospectively looking, its stock price has fluctuated between the ranges of $ 22-35 over the past three years(Yahoo, 2012). ENRSYS revenue was $ 1.92 billion in 2009, $ 1.58 billion in 2010 and $ 1.96 billion in 2011. ENERSYS’s net income was $ 81 million in 2009; it dropped to $ 62 million in 2010 and jumped up to $ 113 million in 2011. ENERSYS’s total assets were $ 1.4 billion in 2009, $ 1.6 billion in 2010 and $ 1.8 billion in 2011. ENERSYS’s total liabilities were $ 8.18 million in 2009, $ 8.67 million in 2010 and $ 8.49 million in 2011. ...
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ENERSYS IPO Introduction The company that has been chosen for SLP is ENERSYS Corporation. ENERSYS Corporation is a Public Limited Company and is listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). ENERSYS is primarily based in U.S.A and has its office in both North and South America…
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